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Historical sites

Chambres hotes Morbihan Saint Dolay

When you travel from the city of Redon and cross the la Vilaine River over the bridge of Cran on the way to Saint Dolay, you can see on the horizon, to the right of the Church Bell Tower, your first indication you will soon arrive in Saint-Dolay.

Etymologically, Saint-Dolay is the name of a abbot who became the bishop of Lindisfarne (Great Britain) : Saint- Ethelwood, who’s name evolved from St Ethelwood to Santus Aelwodus, the latin name and in 916 to Sant-Aelwez in the Breton language to finally become St Dolay.

Saint Dolay is without doubt a parish since the year 900, as you can see it’s name written in the church register of Redon, preserved in the historic archives of the diocese of Rennes.

Chambres hotes Morbihan Eglise-paroissiale-de-Saint-Dolay

It’s also the domain of many Lords that were under the reign of the Baron of La Roche Bernard. These Lords were also close to the Dukes of Brittany and the Counts of Nantes.

Chambres hotes Morbihan Saint Dolay

As most Churches were built in the centre of town, we ask ourselves is the Church’s close association with the Aristocracy of the time, Princes, Lords and Barons, with the Church of Immaculée Conception was built in Saint-Dolay on the main road between Redon/Nantes and La Roche Bernard, to include the noblemen and inhabitants of all regional cities.

A curiosity fo you to discover….?

The gothic style dates from the XIXth century, inside the church you will discover the oldest bell of Morbihan, smelted in 1456, together with a wooden sculptured scene of Christ’s Last Supper.

However, this is not the only unique historical site, as you will discover the town has a wealth of approximately twenty historic monuments such as the Saint-Anne Chapel, many Castles and Manor Houses of the Seigneuries.

Chambres hotes Morbihan Chateau de Lehellec

The Lehelec Castle in the Louis XIII style, is a Breton Castle of exception and one of the numerus houses of the Lords in our region.

This property has belonged to and remains home of the LE MINTIER family since 1578. The family came into ownership of this splendid house when François LE MINTIER, at the time governor of Redon, married Marie BOCAN, who was the last descendant of the Lehelec Lords.

At this house built in 1660 by Jean Le Mintier, a young nobleman attached to the house of the King of that period, you can also visit the wonderful and very interesting outbuildings, such as The Manor built in 1554, the Chapel Ruin from the XVIth Century and in particular the Stele Vénète Monument and its Tumulus (Anchent Burial Grounds) all in the grounds of the Castle.

You can visit Lehelec Castle from the 1st of July to the 1st of September, School Groups can visit from the 1st of June to the 30th of October (it’s closed on Tuesdays).

Chambres hotes Morbihan La Roche-Bernard
Chambres hotes Morbihan La Roche-Bernard
Chambres hotes Morbihan La Roche-Bernard

Historically the name “La Roche-Bernard” means “Bernard’s Rock” named after the Viking Chief Bern-Hart meaning Strong like a Bear. Chief Bern-Hart settled on this Rocky Mount while navigating the River Vilaine on his journey of discovery around the year 1000.
If you like visiting places typical of a region you will be delighted here in this authentic Breton town, with it’s paved streets, local Artist, Craft and Artizan Shops, together with the charm of this Historic Port, not forgetting the wonderful views along the River Vilaine, all creating a truly enchanting place to visit.
Two Cannons from the Ship “La Couronne” located at an observation point on the River Vilaine, symbolically protect the city of La Roche-Bernard. According to the ship’s design plans drawn up by Richelieu in 1638, the La Couronne equipped with 72 Cannons was the very first war ship built by the French. This aimed to renew the French Battle Fleet after the nations War Ships had been previously built by the Dutch under the supervision of the famous French Boat Builder of the time Charles Morieu from city of Dieppe.

Chambres hotes Morbihan La Roche-Bernard
Chambres hotes Morbihan Le château de la Bretesche

Dating from 14th century the Castle was, once an advanced out-post of the city of La Roche-Bernard. Converted to a house of several luxurious apartments, you can only visit the interior court, however it is a real pleasure to walk within this historic site. The Castle also has its own 18 Hole Golf Course at the heart of a forest of 100 year old trees, an exceptional setting of greenery.

Chambres hotes Morbihan Saint-Emilion breton du Bordelais

Walking around the paved streets in the city of Vannes, you will come cross the statue of Saint Emilion, this Monk was born in Vannes in the 8th century and was forced to leave his native Brittany. He decided to live as a hermit in a cave in the forest of Combes, in the area of Bordeaux. It is this place of hermitage which bears his name today, Bordeaux is of international repute, due to the excellence of the wines produced in this region.

The beach & shellfish

Chambres hotes Morbihan plage de Pont Mahé

Visit Pont-Mahe Beach at the town of Assérac, a Natura 2000 protected site and family favorite where many come to swim and enjoy the water. Having favorable exposure to Southwest Winds, Pont-Mahe is also a great attraction for Windsurfing and Kite Surfers.

Chambres hotes Morbihan activité peche à pied

For lovers of Shell Fish & Crustaceans along the shore of Pont-Mahe Beach you can enjoy collecting a wonderful selection of Winkles, Limpets, Mussels Oysters & Crab in Damgan, Penerf, Pénestin and many other areas.

Walks & bicycle rides

Chambres hotes Morbihan estuaire Vilaine

Leaving La Roche-Bernard enjoy magnificent sightseeing along the La Vilaine estuary, a wonderful place where Rivers, Marshes and Countryside meet Sandy Beaches and the Ocean.

Discover the town of Arzal and its truly impressive Dam built in 1970, this dam regulates the height of the river in the region of Billiers & Penestin, two beautiful Seaside Resorts where Fishermen, Mussel and Oyster Farmers share the waterways with pleasure boats.

Chambre hote Morbihan Saint Dolay Histoire Foleux

This little river port near Beganne is located on both sides of the la Vilaine River at the towns of Nivillac and Péaule. It is both a stopover on this waterway and a wonderful place to walk.
You will truly enjoy the landscape, beautifully set in the middle of a myriad of greenery, together with the calm and peaceful atmosphere of sail boats reflecting in the water. The different variations of light in this area continually provide a renewed picture of the beauty of this very natural environment.

Local French Culinary Delights

Table hotes Morbihan Cake wakame et truite fumee

Wakame is a very well known Sea Weed in the region of Brittany. It provides a lot of vitamins, protein, and essential amino acid. Helping to strengthen our body.

Discover the wonderful flavor of Wakame with this tasty Wakame and Trout cake.

Table hotes Morbihan Fruits de mer
Table hotes Morbihan pain d’epice

The first culinary specialities of which we think about for Brittany, are mollusks, shellfish of breeding, and many others offered by “Mother Nature” according to tides. Oysters, mussels, winkles, limpets, scallops…are so many varieties and recipes which will make the happiness of your papillae.

Some Oyster, Scallop even Lobsters dishes are served with Gingerbread, this fusion of flavours will provide you with a fantastic gastronomic experience at the Etape de la Fouee dinner table​.